Jack’s Reflection on 2020

What a difference a year makes. As I was writing The Column December 2019, my perspective of daily life was very different. The theme I tried to promote was to maintain a healthy lifestyle at an older age. This is now something we at Shepherd of Grace look back at with fond remembrances.

The exercise was not only keeping physically fit but a good measure of socialization. We were led by dedicated people in exercise and physical games. Much laughter accompanied the times together. This activity came to an abrupt halt last March with the invasion of the virus. Since then, our complex has followed the state department of health services.

Originally, last summer, we were able to have afternoon get-togethers on the front porch while honoring the six-foot rule. As weather hampered our out-door meetings, we moved in-doors with masks and six-foot distancing.

Many of our tenants also enjoyed a variety of board games afternoons and evenings. This time together provided good socialization and is another life change fondly in the rear-view mirror.

One shining highlight of the year for me was to be able to attend and watch my granddaughter Katelyn and husband Tyler tie the knot. She had planned the wedding over a year ago but was limited in the number of guests that could attend and had to plan it as an outdoor event.

I know all of you had different experiences. Adapting to the changing times means all have various challenges. The people we all must admire are the health care workers. They are putting their life on the line each day as they work diligently to save people’s lives.

In need of some pepping-up the other day, I received two Christmas cards and letters from special people from the past with upbeat messages.

As teachers, my wife and I appreciated contact with former students and in this case, Ruby and Dan. She was the breadwinner as he became a veterinarian and supported her to earn a CPA.

Dan is presently fighting cancer with Ruby’s positive support. Their faith in God is their daily help. She described their life in poetic form. They have been married sixty-two years and will celebrate their 80th birthdays.

The other Christmas message came from Lori, our go-to person for help with my wife’s Alzheimer’s disease. Her approach was not only helpful but comforting. She has carried on with an extended hand of help to many families in which she has shown warmth and feeling.

Over the last several years her challenge has been cancer which hopefully has ended. Lori also has a husband needing assistance as he propels himself in a wheelchair.

As Lori supports others, God supports her. May we take Christ with us into the New Year!

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