Meet LaDawn

After receiving a four year degree as a paralegal, LaDawn found that her career choice wasn’t as fulfilling as she’d imagined. Her job tasks lacked the need for really helping people that she craved.

When reflecting upon her childhood, she recalled pretending to be a nurse, so she chose to switch professions and nursing has been a natural fit. Helping her clients gives her the greatest joy. She likes that they feel like family and that they are so happy to see her. She said, “it really doesn’t feel like work or a job when you love what you do.”

LaDawn started her 12 year nursing career as an aide in the nursing home at Good Shepherd. She then became a care manager at the Cottages. She decided nursing was her chosen path so she went to the St. Cloud Technical & Community College and received her two year Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) degree. She then moved to the assisted living department where she has been for the past 8 years.

A typical day includes office work, like coordinating with Doctor’s offices for orders, managing medications, arranging doctor appointments and coordinating Assisted Living services for her clients. The contacts with clients include apartment visits to update records and checking in to see how they are doing.

When working in the nursing home, your day is very structured and you know exactly what your duties will be in caring for the residents. When working in memory care, it’s a very different setting. You give medications, cook and clean. You’re working in a home environment versus a facility environment. There is more family involvement, you see them more often and can develop a deeper relationship. When working in the assisted living environment, “ it’s a different role. You can manage your own time as you see fit and prioritize your day,” said LaDawn.

She also likes being part of a larger campus environment, having contact with staff, families and tenants from all over campus, “it’s very friendly around here, I love my job and like who I work with, my job is very fulfilling.”

We are proud to have LaDawn as part of Good Shepherd’s caring staff.