Meet Violet

Meet Violet –

Violet was born and raised in Libertyville, Illinois but later moved Zion. She has a very large family. Violet had seven brothers and four sisters who predominantly live between Milwaukee and Chicago. She considers this whole area home. They are a very close family and have always kept in touch. Nowadays they use Facebook to stay connected.

Violet’s dad did factory work and her mom did a variety of jobs to help take care of their family including factory work and hotel housekeeping. Violet is cut from the same cloth as her parents; since the age of 18 she has always been a very hard worker. She started out working in the factory and then helped her mom clean in the hotels.

Violet has two children and three grandchildren. Many years ago she moved to Willmar to be closer to her kids. Violet worked in the hospital and nursing home in housekeeping for about six years. She really liked getting to know the residents and their families. After some time, she moved to the Cities where she helped to take care of people in their homes. And more recently she moved to Sartell to be closer to her oldest son and granddaughter who is now six years old. Trinity loves to come to Grandma’s to visit. She is the teacher and Violet and her dog, Baby, are the students.

Violet has had Baby for about two years now. They are best friends and a great comfort to each other. “She makes me very happy and it’s good to have someone to take care of,” said Violet.

Most of Violet’s vacations and traveling involve going “home” to see her extensive family back in Wisconsin and Illinois. She really enjoyed driving.

At the age of 52, Violet went back to school to complete her GED. She received her diploma from Sauk Rapids-Rice High School at graduation services in 2008. She considers this one of her greatest accomplishments.

Violet moved to Good Shepherd about four years ago after taking a serious fall. She has benefitted from having our therapy, home care and assisted living services as it has taken her a bit to get back on her feet. Violet is a very strong person, she has had to overcome a lot of challenges in her life. She’s fought through them and has come through (in her words) a better person. “I’m really happy here at Good Shepherd. Everyone is so kind and the staff are wonderful. It’s the best move I’ve ever made!”