Music and Memory

Music helps us all to recall different times in our lives.  When we hear a song from a school dance, the summer of graduation, or our wedding day, we are instantly transported back in time.  For us, those can be bittersweet remembrances of our past. However, for those with memory issues, music can have a much more profound effect.

Imagine not having any memory of an important moment in your life like. Imagine if you could not remember your wedding or the birth of your child.  Then suddenly, you hear the music you walked down the aisle to or listened to as you drove your child home for the first time, and once again you can recall those precious moments.  For a few treasured minutes, you are brought back to that happy time, able to experience those feelings you had during those special days.

Alternatively, imagine that you are feeling anxious and afraid. Think of how it feels to pace the room, unable to calm yourself. Again, music plays. Perhaps it was the music your father sang to you as a child. Immediately, the anxiety and fear disappears. You smile, hum along, and find a true sense of peace that had been eluding you.

Through the Music and Memory program, these scenarios are possible. Your loved ones who suffer with memory issues can experience the difference music makes in their lives. At Good Shepherd Campus, we are so pleased to provide this program to our residents, and provide them with those moments, several minutes long, that make all the difference in their entire day.

You Can Help Us Offer Music And Memory Moments!

The Music and Memory program offers genuine results and has been proven to improve the lives of those who experience it. In order to provide this to our Good Shepherd Campus residents, we count on your help to make a real difference in the lives of others. We are seeking donations of the following items to benefit those with memory issues:

  • Original CD’s
  • Gently used iPods (Prefer Nano of any generation)
  • iTunes gift cards
  • iTunes redemption codes
  • Headphones (New, no earbuds please)

To be a vital part of the Music and Memory program, please contact Perry Rollings at 320.259.3491 to make a donation or ask any questions about the program. Items may also be dropped off for donation at the front desk. Thank you so much!

Make a donation and we’ll match your kindness by also purchasing items for the Music and Memory program!

Make A Music and Memory Donation

Visit the official website of the Music and Memory Organization and learn more about Music & Memory.