Student Testimonials About Staff

The Good Shepherd Community is proud to share some student testimonials about our staff! We have a variety of students including, CNA, LPN, RN, who take advantage of our clinical experience opportunities. The experience offers many skills, including activities of daily living (ADL), passing medications, learning communication skills and appropriately interacting with the elderly. Here’s what they have to say about … Read More

Meet Vera of Good Shepherd

Meet Vera of Good Shepherd Vera was raised on a farm in St. Cloud where she was the oldest of six brothers and two sisters. She was born May 14, 1923, to Gordon & Cecelia Utz. Her father and mother worked the farm until her brothers could help out, then her father also transported livestock. Vera helped out by feeding … Read More

Meet Marlene of Good Shepherd

Meet Marlene of Good Shepherd   Marlene had a very interesting beginning to life. She and her twin sister, Marie, were born May 10, 1941 in her grandmother’s bed on the family farm. She mentioned there were no hospitals in the area and that’s how things were done at that time. Her father was a barber. Her mother did laundry … Read More

New Photography Show at the Canal Street Art Gallery

Sonja Riemenschneider Lightbound Photography   About the Artist:   PhD chemical engineer, traveler, and photographer, Sonja Riemenschneider is exploring remote corners of the world, from the reflective wilderness of the Boundary Waters in her home state of Minnesota to the dizzying peaks of the Andes on the trails of South America. Travel has fueled her passion for photography and she … Read More

Meet Marcella

Meet Marcella   Exercise has always been a part of Marcella’s life and when you look at her you can definitely tell. She is a beautiful lady who is fit, trim and always looks great!   Marcella was born and raised in Strasburg, North Dakota. She decided to attend college prep school in Duluth at St. Scholastica. Two of her … Read More

Meet Bea

Meet Bea   Bea was born to Herbert & Florence Brick on May 3, 1929. She’s proud to say she was raised a city girl in Minneapolis. Her father worked as an Auto Mechanic while her mother worked in the home and held some odd jobs. Being the youngest of eight, 4 sisters and 3 brothers, Bea freely admits to … Read More

Random Christmas Acts

Random Acts of Christmas   Sometimes in life the most profound connections happen unexpectedly. When Josh went to work for MCI Carpet One on a cold Thursday morning, he expected that he would have a somewhat ordinary day. That was not the case.   The night before Josh had a dream about his grandfather who had passed away. When he … Read More

Meet Gordon & Dolores

Meet Gordon & Dolores   Military service was a part of both Gordon and Dolores’ lives.   Gordon and his younger brother, Dennis, grew up seven miles south of Sabin, Minnesota. Their family farmed so they were no strangers to hard work. During war time farmers were needed at home, so his Dad never served in the military but both … Read More

New Artist, Meet Brandon Sweeney

My name is Brandon Sweeney, for years I have been traveling and photographing Minnesota and the western United States. All my prints are available with custom framing options or print only options. Most prints are available in larger or smaller sizes, email me for framing options, custom sizes, and pricing. I have more for images for sale than what is … Read More

Meet Jake!

Meet Jake –   His story is one of grit and determination. He has worked hard his entire life and has overcome many obstacles. Yet, he maintains an attitude of gratitude and lifelong service to others.   Jake was born in Grand Rapids but later moved to Duluth where he graduated from high school. His siblings included two brothers and … Read More