Meet John and Judy

John and Judy met at a fairground dance and after dancing all night, John escorted Judy home.  They were engaged soon after and married in 1958 on a hot 102° summer day at Popple Creek Church.

John worked at the St. Cloud Reformatory and Judy was a Nursing Assistant.  After successful careers, they retired at the same time because they wanted to spend their days together.  They moved to the Good Shepherd apartments almost five years ago.  It was important for Judy to stay in the Sauk Rapids area.  She graduated from the Sauk Rapids High School and has had the same doctor and hairdresser for 28 years.

One of the most memorable moments of their marriage was when they were first married and Judy was in the bath getting ready for a wedding.  John was outside working in the yard and stuck the garden hose through the window right above the bath.  John always gets a chuckle from that story, but “at the time,” Judy shares, “it was not funny.”

When asked to share the secret to their successful 56 year marriage, Judy says “You need to compromise and work together.”  John agreed and shared that they “always talk before making any big purchase, like our new TV.  We went to the store and picked it out together.  That’s how we operate.”

Recently, John and Judy adopted Lola, a three year old Chihuahua, from the St. Cloud Humane Society.  She likes giving kisses and snuggling on the couch.  They think she was treated badly by her previous owner, so John and Judy shower her with love.

We would like to wish John and Judy a Happy Valentine’s Day.  We are honored they call Good Shepherd home.