Talking to Your Loved One About Assisted Living With Compassion

Assisted living staff handing water to aging woman

When it comes to having conversations about long-term care needs with your aging parents, addressing the topic sooner rather than later is best. While this can be a difficult and complex conversation, discussing the possibility of moving into assisted living can help ensure your loved one receives the care they need to live a happy, healthy life. 

The experts at The Good Shepherd Community have tips for talking to your loved ones about moving into assisted living, as well as strategies for making the conversation about long-term care for older adults successful. 

Understanding Your Loved One’s Needs 

Before starting the conversation about assisted living with your aging parents, it’s important to understand your loved one’s current situation and needs. Consider their physical and emotional health, as well as any lifestyle preferences they have.  

By understanding your aging parent’s needs and preferences, you can approach the conversation about whether assisted living is the right choice for them with empathy. 

Communicating with Family Members About Assisted Living 

When making decisions about assisted living for aging parents, involving other family members in the process is key. However, this can often be easier said than done, as other family members may have different opinions and priorities when it comes to care. 

Schedule a Family Meeting 

Gather all family members involved in the decision-making process to discuss the options for elderly care. Make sure everyone has a chance to voice their opinions and concerns. 

Share Information 

Make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to your loved one’s health, finances, and living situation. Share information such as medical needs, financial statements, and lifestyle preferences to make sure everyone understands the situation. 

Be Respectful and Open-Minded 

Remember: people may have different opinions when it comes to senior care for their loved ones, but they all care! Listen to each other’s concerns and respect everyone’s ideas. Be open to compromise and find a solution that works for everyone. 

The conversation about moving aging parents to assisted living to receive long-term care is not always easy. However, open and honest communication is key to making the decision-making process as smooth and stress-free as possible! 

infographic depicting tips for talking with family about moving to assisted living

Approaching the Conversation 

When approaching the conversation about assisted living with aging parents, start by creating a comfortable, safe environment for discussion. Choose a time and place that is quiet and free of distractions.  

Begin the conversation by expressing your love and concern for your aging parents. Remember to listen actively and address any concerns or objections your loved one has. This is not an easy conversation! Be patient during the process. 

Providing Information About Assisted Living 

Before making any decisions about assisted living for your aging parents, research and gather information about the different types of communities available in your area. Look for communities that offer the elderly care and services your aging parents need. Take time to visit different communities and speak with staff and residents. 

When discussing elderly care with your loved one, be sure to highlight the benefits of assisted living, such as access to professional care, social activities, and a supportive community. Be prepared to answer questions about the cost and details of assisted living. 

Touring Assisted Living Communities 

Once you’ve gathered information about assisted living communities, plan a visit and involve your loved one in the decision-making process. During your visit, speak with staff and residents, observe the community’s activities and amenities, and ask questions about the community’s policies and procedures. 

Encourage your loved one to participate in decision-making by asking for their input and feedback. Look for a community that offers the level of care and services they need, as well as the amenities and lifestyle options they want. 

Preparing for the Move 

After you’ve chosen an assisted living community for your loved one’s care, it’s time to prepare for their transition. This may involve downsizing and decluttering your loved one’s current home; coordinating with the assisted living community to arrange for transportation and move-in dates; and addressing your loved one’s anxieties or concerns. 

During this process, involve family and friends to provide emotional support to your loved one. Once settled, encourage them to participate in community activities and make new friends. Visit often and remind them they have a supportive network of loved ones who care about their well-being and health. 

Let The Good Shepherd Community Care for Your Loved One 

Discussing assisted living with aging parents can be a difficult and emotional process, but it’s a meaningful conversation that helps ensure their long-term care needs are met. Remember to approach the conversation with love, empathy, and understanding, and involve your loved one in the decision-making at every step. 

Good Shepherd is here for you! Contact us today so we can help you and your aging parents receive the quality assisted living care they deserve! 

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