Protect your Senior Loved Ones from Common Digital Traps

More and more scammers are finding older Americans as appealing targets. According to a report from the FBI, in 2020, seniors lost nearly $1 billion to elderly scams. Over 105,000 people over the age of 65 were scammed, with the average amount lost being $9,175. Approximately 2,000 elders lost more than $100,000. There are countless avenues that scammers use against

The Benefits of Utilizing Respite Caregivers

Senior man staring out the window.

As they age, many people choose to return the care they received in their infancy to their aging parental figures. While having a familiar figure provide care is a great comfort for many seniors, providing senior living care can also be an extensive and emotionally taxing undertaking, especially without proper training. Luckily, respite care services are available to provide care

The Different Types of Home Health Aides

Home health aide listening through stethoscope to senior man’s heart.

Depending on the extent of the care you or your loved one require, your home health care aide will have different qualifications and skills. People tend to use the names of different types of home health aides interchangeably, which can make it difficult to differentiate between the care they provide. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the most

Types of Birds and Fish that are Best for Seniors

Surprisingly, fish are the third favorite choice for pet owners. According to the APPA survey, 14.7% of pet owners said they have either a freshwater or saltwater fish. They are a great choice of pet for seniors as they are relaxing to watch and easy to care for. They are also a low-maintenance pet, requiring only a bowl or tank.

Top 10 Cat Breeds for Seniors

American Bobtail - Affectionate breed who bond with their humans and do not like being left alone. American Shorthair - People-oriented and love cuddling, making them a great companion choice for seniors. Birman - Affectionate, gentle, and intelligent breed. Loves companionship, has a playful side, and is low maintenance. British Shorthair - Good-natured and fuzzy, playful as kittens, but mellow

Top 10 Dog Breeds for Seniors

Bichon Frise - While this small breed has more grooming needs, they do not shed much and have moderate energy. Boston Terrier - A friendly, well-mannered, affectionate breed. Have lots of energy and are easy to groom. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Small dog that is affectionate, easily trained and love spending time with their human. English Bulldog - Great

The Best Birthday Present of My Entire Life by Jack Eichhorst

May 21, 1944 was one of the most thrilling days of my youth. It was my 10th birthday. After supper I was outside playing, probably shooting baskets. Then, a pickup, pulling a horse trailer drove into the yard and stopped in front of the barn. On the door was written “Wenger’s Meat Market – Underwood.” Dad, I could tell, was

Skilled Care vs. Long-Term Care

Young home nurse laughing, holding hand of older woman.

It can be challenging to determine which type of care is right for you or your loved one. The decision primarily depends on the reason care is needed. Is the senior transitioning back to their home or assisted living facility after an accident or illness, or do they require constant care due to a chronic condition or progressive ailment? Skilled

The Three Types of Home Health Care

Health visitor and a senior man during home visit.

What Are the Types of Home Health Care? It can be challenging to know what home health services entail. This difficulty stems from the fact that home health care professionals can be responsible for a wide array of services. Having a guide to the types of home health care might be helpful, so we thought we’d make one. And if

What’s It Like Living in a Retirement Community?

Granddaughter Hugging Grandmother on Bench During Visit to Retirement Home

Finding Active Retirement Communities People ask us frequently what it’s like living in a retirement community like Good Shepherd. The key is finding an active retirement community that feels like home. The best retirement communities in Minnesota specialize in providing quality care, have an engaging community, and have a high level of personal freedom for its community members. As you