Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities: Attitude and Positivity

Attitude is an interesting word. We use it to define a person’s outlook on life. A positive attitude exemplified by a person brings forth a good feeling to other people. While a negative attitude creates an atmosphere of bad feelings.

When we meet people for the first time, we probably evaluate the persons general outlook on life. If we If we get a positive reaction from the meeting, it could bring us to desire to have continued contact. It is much more fun sharing company with a positive thinking person.

I worked with a school principal that went as far as “reading” the intonation in your voice, upon meeting you in the morning, to determine your mood. This eventually gave him some insight on the way he was going to relate to you.

Sports of any game of competition brings out attitudes of both kinds.  I was impressed by a little league baseball player in a recent game. The batter was “beaned “by the pitcher. After the batter took first base, he asked for a time out. He walked over to the pitcher and gave him a hug.

Attitudes show up most frequently at work. Complaints many times about rules that are required to perform the job completely and safely. If the boss is frequently emphasizing the need to adhere to the rules, he or she may come under criticism by the negative person.

The plan for a happier workday may be to continue thinking positive about your work and communicate only with workers with positive attitudes.

A thought crosses my mind. Have we ever studied longevity and attitude. That is, do people with positive attitude live longer.  There are studies of many things affecting longevity, which are physical, that is things we eat or exercise. Studies of this kind are easier to conduct. While determining what makes up a positive approach to life is more difficult to define.

I had the opportunity to have conversations with people my age. I am amazed at the success they have had even though they have started life with less economic support or a chance for an education. A surprising number still are positive. A supporting thing does stand out, their Faith in God!

Sometimes an older person thinks a younger person is not showing a positive attitude. This may lead the older to say, “straighten up and fly right.”  Meaning your attitude needs adjustment.

Good advice for us all would be to spend more time living in the moment.

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