What Does Your Home Health Aide Do for You?

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A home health aide (HHA) can have multiple responsibilities, so it is very important to find out which ones are available to aging adults. For families looking for help with their relatives, this is a very important step. In this article, we’ll provide a list of some of these critical responsibilities and how they can benefit you and your loved

John’s advice

When asked what advice he would give to any young man or woman thinking about serving in the military he states: “We all have fears. That is expected. But it is more important to not fear your fears.” “Do as you are told, take direction well.” “Don’t ever forget the oath you will take.” Oath of Enlistment I, _____, do

John uses his military training in civilian life

As John’s civilian career evolved with law enforcement, his military experience gave him the foundation for success. He credits leadership qualities, strong and clear communication skills, ensuring community security as being guiding principles. John’s community involvement continued after retirement. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) trained John to prepare and respond to disasters, utilizing fire safety, search and rescue, team

John’s Happy Military Memories

Chicago would be his destination before discharge. John and his buddies walked the city. They hoped to see a White Sox game at Wrigley Field but having money for that kind of event did not seem possible. However, a kind police officer invited them to follow him into an entrance that brought them to the best seats possible – at

Is In-Home Health Care More Affordable than You Think?

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Finding Affordable Care The cost of a personal care assistant can seem high, especially if you don’t have any experience coordinating care for yourself or a loved one. However, we wager that home health care is more affordable than you think. In fact, senior health care is exceptionally affordable if you look for the correct service and have the right

Service – Work done by one for the benefit of many.

Join us each week in the month of November for a short blog about John’s military life. John begins his mission For John Heintze, military service defined his commitments, strength of character, love of country and community, and desire to serve. It was John’s intention to volunteer for the draft in 1954 to take advantage of a two-year sign-up rather

The Benefits of Home Care

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Exploring the Benefits of Home Care Using in-home care to support aging in place is increasing in popularity, and for a good reason. In addition to providing services that older adults may need, it also allows them to keep living in the comfort of their own homes. With this service, you receive most of the benefits of a senior living

3 Tips for Hiring a Home Health Care Aide

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Establishing Care with an In-Home Aide Home health care aides play a vital role for thousands of seniors. For aging adults, it can be essential to establish in-home care to administer critical services while your loved one stays at home. But it can be challenging to choose an in-home aide that meets the proper standards for care. There are three

Chronic loneliness in older adults and how to make a difference… By Pat Flicker

Chronic loneliness in older adults: How to make a difference Most of us have felt lonely at some point in our lives. But chronic loneliness impacts more than just your happiness… it can affect your physical and mental health.  I think back to my parents as they aged and remember them asking for company on Sundays. It was so difficult

How To Plan for the Holidays in an Assisted Living Community

Home For the Holidays The holidays can be a difficult time for people in assisted living communities. It’s easy to isolate yourself from friends and family, especially as the seasons shift to the cold and dark of winter. But we contend that winter, and especially Christmas, can give way to one of the most wonderful times of the year.