What’s It Like Living in a Retirement Community?

Granddaughter Hugging Grandmother on Bench During Visit to Retirement Home

Finding Active Retirement Communities

People ask us frequently what it’s like living in a retirement community like Good Shepherd. The key is finding an active retirement community that feels like home. The best retirement communities in Minnesota specialize in providing quality care, have an engaging community, and have a high level of personal freedom for its community members. As you consider a retirement community, ask yourself, “what do seniors want in a retirement community?” and you’ll find that these three things are paramount before settling on one.

We’ll cover why care, community, and freedom are crucial for aging adults and help you decide which organization is best for you. We hope to make your decision more manageable because we know the stress that comes with moving out of your home and into new places.

Receiving Quality Care

Quality care is the first box you should check off your list. Retirement communities in Minnesota vary. Some have extra facilities to help with rehab, supportive services, and even memory care. For any aging adults who need this additional care, ensure that the location provides it or has resources for you or a loved one to find it close by.

Without quality care, we couldn’t recommend a retirement community. Care should be the primary reason your senior needs services from an active retirement community. When a community is involved, you’ll see a staff that is focused and empathetic to the needs of its residents.

Embracing A Community

Remember when we told you to ask yourself, “what do seniors want in a retirement community?” We expect one of your answers was an active community of seniors and events to help them adjust to a new way of living. One of the many benefits of a community like Good Shepherd is the friendships you can form along the way.

In addition to quality care, active retirement communities will cultivate relationships between residents. To support those relationships, each community should hold events like parties, classes, and weekly gatherings to truly make it a community. After prioritizing care, make sure that a community’s quality is the next thing you prioritize.

Experiencing Personal Freedom

Lastly, we want to highlight personal freedom. It’s a common misunderstanding that moving to a senior living community removes a certain level of independence for you or a loved one. We’re unsure where that myth comes from, but we can assure you that great senior communities recognize that everyone needs their space.

Great senior living communities should give their seniors the space to go for long walks, participate in meaningful and enjoyable activities, and cultivate memories with friends and loved ones. The goal of an excellent, active retirement community should be to add to a resident’s life—not to take anything away.

There you have it. Hopefully, these three fundamental characteristics will help you find the right place for you. The Good Shepherd Community might be perfect if you need a great place to live. Our community campuses in Becker and Sauk Rapids provide all the points we illustrated above. Contact us now to learn more and get started.

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