Cold Weather Activities for Seniors

With the cold winter weather taking over, no one wants to go outside. As temperatures stoop lower and lower, it can be increasingly dangerous for older adults to go outside. Staying inside all winter long can make people feel a bit of cabin fever, but there are some great activities to pass the winter until the warmer temps come around again.


Indoor Yoga

For improved endurance, flexibility, and balance that can help prevent falls, indoor yoga is a great idea. It can also lower anxiety, which makes it a great option for older adults that are cooped up inside during the winter.



Not only does dancing keep your body and brain healthy, it will help fight struggles with mental health that can come up during the winter.



Indoor swimming is a wonderful way to enjoy great, low-impact exercise all year long. Swimming helps with balance, flexibility, and strength, which makes it a great option for older adults. It has shown to help prevent falls in older individuals.



There are plenty of places to walk and get some good exercise in—outside isn’t the only option. Walk around the mall, find an indoor walking track, or check out the community center.


Pick up a New Hobby

Knitting, quilting, and joining a book club are all great indoor activities that can keep your brain busy during the colder months. Book clubs can also provide great—and essential—social interaction.



Cooking is great brain stimulation, which can help fight memory loss and cognitive decline. Searching for new recipes, gathering the ingredients, and cooking is a heartwarming activity to enjoy with a loved one in the winter. It does a great job of bringing out the creative side in people.

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