Long-Term Care Housekeeping and Why it’s an Important Job

In any long-term-care facility, there are a lot of employees that directly impact the well-being of the residents. Nurses and aides maintain the residents’ literal health, food service keeps everyone fed, and administration makes sure those jobs are done for the well-being of all residents. But the unsung heroes of the residents’ health are actually the housekeeping workers.

Societally, we tend to ignore, at best, those around us who are constantly making sure things are neat and tidy. Often, until we ourselves need something cleaned, this entire group of workers is practically invisible to us.

The truth is, housekeeping plays just as vital a role as anyone else in a long-term care facility.

Every senior living facility knows all-too-well the problems that arise when a cold or flu pops up. It doesn’t take much when so many are living and interacting in close quarters every day for even a minor bug to spread. The number one method of disease prevention is keeping everything clean, which is a function of housekeeping. The housekeeping staff is on the frontline, keeping residents healthy from every little sniffle and cough. Clean furniture, bedding, and floors all play an important role in keeping residents and workers healthy.

Aside from preventing the spread of infections, keeping facilities clean helps prevent injury from tripping over misplaced materials or slipping on spills. Even falling objects improperly secured without housekeeping can be a hazard.


When thinking of the benefits out housekeeping it’s easy to focus on your residents, but the employees of your facility benefit just as much. A well-kept facility is not only safer, but feels more professional. It makes a good impression on new employees, setting them up to do their jobs successfully. On the macro level, a clean facility is also more organized which is more efficient. On the micro level, a clean workspace is also able be used more effectively.

Housekeeping is the secret position that keeps any long-term-care facility healthy, efficient and safe.



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