Student Testimonials About Staff

The Good Shepherd Community is proud to share some student testimonials about our staff! We have a variety of students including, CNA, LPN, RN, who take advantage of our clinical experience opportunities. The experience offers many skills, including activities of daily living (ADL), passing medications, learning communication skills and appropriately interacting with the elderly. Here’s what they have to say about the Good Shepherd employees who have helped them while they were here for hands-on training on our campus:
“I would recommend this facility to other students because the staff was very helpful and respectful towards the students and the residents.” – Hodo S.
“The staff was very friendly!” – Jeremy G.
“Good Shepherd provided a good clinical experience for students because the staff was more than willing to help and explain everything.” – Skylar V.
“Everyone I worked with was very respectful and patient with us.” – Becky E.
“The staff was always willing to let the students do the work to get hands on training and experience.” – Samantha B.
“Good Shepherd provided a great clinical experience because the staff was very good at explaining protocols as well as providing hands-on training.” – Mariah S.
“The staff was very welcoming and were great at teaching.” – Sara H.
“I really enjoyed the staff and the residents. The staff had very positive attitudes.” – Kristin M.
“We were shown the right way and the wrong way to do things by the staff. This was very helpful.” – Kate M.
“The staff made this experience very worth while.” – Autumn D.
“This was a great clinical experience because the staff had the students actual do things and not just watch.” – Zakiah H.
“The staff was very easy to work with and very helpful. It was a very friendly environment.” – Olivia B.

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