The spirit of giving

Bob enjoys paying it forward and says, “As you age, there is little excitement in life unless you create it.”  He works at it every day and by doing so, he keeps his mind active. He most recently is working on an all-life biography, his sixth book in 10 years. He wants to help and encourage others to also tell their stories. His advice is simple. Start by listing what jogs your memory one word at a time, then circle back to link the words together. If that does not work, using a tape recorder is always a good alternative.

He believes that by sharing one’s story others can learn what drives them. In Bob’s case, he is passionate about giving to others since he grew up less fortunate during the Great Depression. The excitement of giving fills his tank, and the reflection shared in return equally brings a smile to his face and to others.

For the past 16 weeks, he has gone to the local Goodwill and Savers and has sought out those he feels would appreciate a monetary gift and his signature “Smile” pin, again showing his commitment to paying it forward. He plans to continue his giving to reach others and hopes that it encourages them to also pay it forward.


Bob now calls Good Shepherd Community home and enjoys the social aspect greatly. He graciously supports the mission of Good Shepherd Foundation and encourages you to do the same!

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