Socially Distanced Springtime Activities for Older Adults

Who doesn’t love being outside when the weather is warm? The springtime is a great time for older adults to get their Vitamin D and spend time with nature. There are many benefits people can get from being outdoors. From boosting your energy, immune system, enhancing creativity to even making it easier to exercise, there are so many reasons to be outside in the spring. While it is essential to get out, it is also crucial to stay socially distanced and engage in activities that are safe for you and those around you. Luckily, there are many ways for older adults to stay engaged, get physical, and have fun in their outdoor spaces.

Spending Time Outside by Yourself

If you are alone and want to feel the sunshine on your face, there are plenty of outdoor activities you can enjoy. One way to enjoy the outdoors is to find an exercise video you can follow along with by bringing your tablet, phone, or laptop outside with you. Bringing your technology outside with you is a great way to spend virtual meetings you need to attend or are just calling up a loved one. Many older adults enjoy going for walks to get their exercise during the warm months, and it is a safe activity that you can enjoy. You can even bring your indoor garden outside and tend to your favorite plants while enjoying the weather. Gardening is an excellent hobby for older adults, with proven physical and psychological benefits. If you are a craft person, why not bring your newest project outside? The possibilities are endless.

Outdoor Activities for You and Your Living Partner

If you live with another person, your possibilities for outdoor activities grow. Many older adults enjoy playing cards, chess, checkers, or any two-player game outside. Some older adults have utilized the nice weather to thoroughly reorganize and clean out their homes. It is a lot easier to do this task with more than one person and can allow for you to redecorate and get rid of excess items. Having a picnic outdoors can also be a fun idea for the two of you. You can either do it in your backyard or visit a nearby park where there are not many people around. Sometimes, getting away for an hour or two can lighten our moods.

Finding things to do after being in our own bubbles for a year is difficult. However, make sure you find ways and time to enjoy the gorgeous weather that springtime has to offer. Whether you are by yourself or with your living partner, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what our options are. Go outdoors and soak up some Vitamin D. You deserve it.

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