Zoom Ideas for Christmas

Christmas will be a little different this year, but that’s okay! There are still ways we can all celebrate together while staying safe. Zoom and other similar video platforms have made connecting with family and friends from the comfort of your respective homes easier than ever! If you need ideas for activities to enjoy or games to play with your family this Christmas, check out our list!

Scavenger Hunt

A holiday-themed scavenger hunt is easy to arrange and fun for everyone. It’s also a great way to energize everyone on the Zoom call. Have the host come up with a list of items that can easily be found in everyone’s home. Good ideas include: favorite gift, an ugly Christmas sweater, a Christmas treat, your favorite ornament, and something red. This is a great way to talk about holiday memories! Give points to the person that finds their item first.

Virtual Bingo

Find a holiday template for Bingo and make sure everyone is emailed a unique card to play on. Have someone call out the categories and award gift cards to the winners!


Trivia is an easy game to play on a Zoom call! Make it festive by doing a holiday theme.

Ugly Sweater Contest

Encourage everyone to participate in the Zoom call and generate excitement by requiring ugly Christmas sweaters for the call. Everyone can vote on their favorite sweater.


Especially if there are little ones in the family, making a festive craft together is sure to bring about the fun. Make a special ornament to go up on the tree every year that commemorates 2020.


If you miss cooking and enjoying a meal together for the holidays, decide to have everyone prep a meal beforehand to eat while on the Zoom call. If able, food can be dropped off for relatives (at a safe distance). You may decide that everyone will order their favorite takeout food and eat it together on the call. Or maybe you will enjoy festive treats and show off your beautifully decorated cookies!

Everyone loves a great holiday game or activity! You may not be able to play your favorite holiday board game, but it’ll be fun to switch it up this year. Don’t forget to curate a holiday playlist to play in the background as you all enjoy each other’s company. For tips on how to stay joyful throughout the holidays, check out our blog: https://goodshepherdcampus.org/staying-cheerful-throughout-the-holidays/.

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